IntelliVue AD85 Philips Patient Monitor

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IntelliVue AD85

The Philips Patient Monitor IntelliVue AD85 Energetic Show is an extra independent show with worrying ability for the IntelliVue MX750 and IntelliVue MX850 client screens. With the AD85, you could see displays and run the linked client check, bonus get distinct and aesthetic alarm system indicates.

IntelliVue AD85 Philips Patient Monitor
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IntelliVue interface for fast ramp-up

The visual interface is developed for quick and user-friendly procedure to permit individuals to rapidly ended up being acquainted with running the gadget. Wise secrets could be set up with symbols to help with the procedure of tracking jobs straight on the display. Waves and numerical worths are encoded with adjustable shades.

Silence alarm systems within the client space

When the Energetic Show is set up beyond the client space, it will get alarm systems from the check, and announce those alarm systems at the show. This enables the alarm system seems in the client space to be muted and limitations these sound disruptions to the client.

Future-ready innovation

The AD75 and AD85 energetic shows have capacitive touch innovation, which sustains multi-finger touch and motion procedure (just like a mobile phone). The shows likewise consist of an integrated contactless recognition and near-field interaction gadget improved RFID innovation.

Announce alarm systems in real-time

The AD75 and AD85 have integrated alarm system lights and a confirmed alarm system audio speaker that could announce alarm systems in real-time. With an contagious client, the capcapacity to get and respond to alarm systems outdoors the client space decreases the require for caretakers to enter into the space to simply deal with the alarm system.

High-fidelity information

The Philips Patient Monitor AD85 Energetic Show functions a fantastic 22"shade LCD display with the exact very same resolution as the client check, so it could reveal waveforms without distortion. The wide-angle show provides the caregiver understanding right into client vitals from almost any type of watching angle.

Adjustable displays for versatility

The versatile show plan enables you to change the show to fit your requirements, for instance, by overlapping waves or vibrant modification of the wave amplitude as a work of the variety of waves set up for that location. See information you require in a manner in which help you.


Physical specs

Weight • 11 kg (24,3 pound)
Dimensions • 544 mm x 388 mm x 217 mm (21.4 in x 15.3 in x 8.5 in)
Display size • 22"
Display type • LCD (TFT), 547 mm shade matrix energetic
Display resolution • 1920 x 1080 (complete HD)

Running problems

Temperature level (without iPC) • 0 to 40 °C (32 to 104 °F)
Temperature level (with iPC) • 0 to 35 °C (32 to 95 °F)
Storage • -20 to 60 °C (-4 to 140 °F)
Running altitude • -500 to 3000 m (-1640 to 9842 feet)
Storage space altitude • -500 to 4600 m (-1640 to 15,091 feet)

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