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Patient Monitor Price

Funchic 8 Inch Multi-Parameter Machine Portable Color LCD Equipment with 7-Channel Waveform Display

  • Funchic multi-parameter device embraces high illumination and high-resolution show 8-inch shade LCD display, much a lot extra comfy and remove to check out.
  • 7-Channel waveform show, 5 minutes' waveform playback, 384 hours' pattern information memory for all the specifications and vibrant waveform catch.
  • Could arbitrarily establish the alarm system restrict, automated audio and light alarm system. Anti-movement, anti-defibrillation, anti-electrical disturbance.
  • Integrated lithium batteries, AC and DC, could offer long-lasting functioning after power failure.
  • If there are other concerns regarding this item, please don't hesitate to get in touch with us, we'll constantly exist waiting to assist you.
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Patient Monitor Price
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Item summary

Product Info:

Accuracy: ± 1C
Response Time: 1s
Alarm: Audio and Light
Temperature Resolution: 0.1%
Measuring Vary: 0C~45C
Whole Power: No greater than 70VA
Storage Temperature level: -20C~40C
Threshold: 20C~44.9C Flexible
Maximum: 20.1C~45 C Flexible
Altitude: 86~4106kpa feet (functioning condition)
Preset Vary: Record (numerical preset alarm system over)
Humidity Storage space: ≤95% family member moisture, non-condensing
Working Moisture: ≤85% family member moisture, non-condensing

Package Consist of:

1×Main Device
4×Limb Clamp
1×User Hands-on
1×5 Lead Cable television
1×Temperature Probe

Item information from Patien Monitor

Bundle Measurements : 11.4 x 9.6 x 7.8 inches; 7.2 Extra pounds
Producer : funchic
Patient Monitor Price $599.99

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