How to Overcome Bucktoothed

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How to Overcome Bucktoothed - In normal teeth, the front teeth in the upper jaw are slightly in front of the front teeth in the lower jaw. In contrast to the condition of the dental teeth where the upper front teeth are much more leaning forward so the teeth seem crooked and the biting position becomes less precise. Bucktoothed cause a condition called malocclusion, which is an abnormal relationship between the upper and lower teeth when the jaw is closed. Malocclusion can also occur because the size of the jaw is too small or the size of the tooth is too large. Other causes of malocclusion are the habit of using a pacifier when drinking milk, sucking a finger, and the presence of missing or not growing teeth.

Malocclusion conditions, including those caused by Bucktoothed, affect health because you can have difficulty chewing food, teeth are more prone to decay or damage and even may experience headaches. In addition, do not rule out the possibility of you experiencing stress because of an appearance that is less than perfect or inferior because you feel less beautiful, maybe even ridiculed by people too.

How to Overcome Bucktoothed
How to Overcome Bucktoothed

Handling of Bucktoothed Conditions

Bucktoothed conditions are not uncommon and not all require treatment. Usually, only those with severe conditions need orthodontic treatment.

Consult the condition of your teeth to get the right handling method.

The most common action taken in dealing with Bucktoothed conditions is the use of braces. This tool will help restore the position of your teeth where they should be. Treatment using braces can not be done instantly because this tool must be worn for months or years. Before braces are installed, there may be teeth that must be removed to make room in the jaw, especially if the cause is the location of irregular and crowded teeth.

Sometimes, the right treatment is to have jaw modification surgery. Usually, this is done for the handling of Bucktoothed in adults. However, alternatives to this procedure are very rarely done.

Things To Do If You Have A Bucktoothed

When you don't want to improve your Bucktoothed condition by wearing braces, there are a number of things you can do, namely:

While maintaining dental hygiene

Keep caring for your teeth so they are always clean and healthy according to the directions of the dentist. Brushing your teeth regularly, using dental floss, and taking care to the dentist such as routine tartar cleaning are prevention steps you can take. If your teeth and mouth are clean, later if you have to take care of Bucktoothed, the process will be easier.

Highlight other parts of the face

There may be a discomfort if a part of your teeth is the center of attention. You can outsmart by highlighting other parts of the face, such as the eyes. Make makeup that makes other people's attention more focused on the eyes.

Don't be insecure and smile naturally

Avoid overly focused thinking about the condition of your teeth, especially to feel inferior. Each person has advantages and disadvantages of each, including in physical terms. So, focus on the strengths you have. Accept your physical existence while continuing to hone your strengths.

Sometimes you might want to cover up Bucktoothed by holding a smile. Actually, trying to 'hide' teeth in this way will actually attract attention. Keep smiling naturally and confidently so that the mouth does not get excessive attention.

Do not feel guilty

Despite bad habits, such as sucking a finger or using a pacifier. can worsen the situation, but the cause of the Bucktoothed condition is usually more genetic. You do not need to feel guilty about this situation because this is indeed not a mistake you made.

Stay confident

Although Bucktoothed can make you ashamed, but remember that this condition has no effect in achieving success. Stay confident and avoid feelings of shame that have the potential to hamper success.

If you are really uncomfortable with Bucktoothed conditions, try to consider consulting an orthodontist. This treatment makes it possible to make you look better, as well as your confidence.

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