Many Benefits of Reading Story Books to Your Toddler

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Reading a story to your child does not need to wait when he understands our language. But it can be started early, even when your child is still in the womb. Do you know? It turns out that your child can recognize his mother's voice even if he is still in the womb. Wow! Even the mother who reads the story as early as possible, since in the womb, will also familiarize the Little One with books as part of her growing days.

Read storybooks from now on to your child. Although he cannot understand, at least a session to read stories can increase the emotional bond between you and the baby. And in addition, reading stories to the baby since he was born can also help the development of his brain.

Many Benefits of Reading Story Books to Your Toddler
Many Benefits of Reading Story Books to Your Toddler

Reading a Story: A pleasant moment that is useful

Well, below are the various benefits of reading stories to toddlers that you need to know. To be more enthusiastic to read your toddler's storybook, let's take a peek.

  • Improve listening abilityImprove listening ability
Although toddlers cannot understand your language, they can listen to your voice. Now, by listening to your voice, it will stimulate his interest in the sounds around him. This way you have helped him improve his listening ability.

  • Love books early
Reading a book from an early age can create a bond, not only for you but also for books. The child will be more familiar with the book so he will associate it as a fun thing. Well, of course, you often hear that books are a window to the world. With her love for books, love to read books, of course, that will help her in expanding her knowledge.

  • Help him save a lot of vocabulary
Reading a book to a child can not only stimulate his imagination ability but also can help him to collect a variety of vocabulary. So, this range of vocabulary will later be useful when communicating. So, communication ability can increase.

  • Introduce various things around it
At an early age, a book that is recommended to be your choice is a book that has a variety of bright colors and attractive shapes. Why is that? Because that way, you will indirectly introduce various concepts of stories, letters, colors, shapes, and numbers. Finally, with you introducing a variety of things around it, this can also increase his memory abilities.

With the various benefits above and with the many words he hears, of course, this will help him speak better.

Then, How Do You Read Stories to Children?

Easy, easy and easy. There is no need to fear to be wrong in reading stories to your child. If your child is still a baby or even still in the womb, just do a few things below.

At the age of the beginning of your child's birth, he will hear more of your tone or intonation. Of course, because he doesn't really understand what you are saying. Well, so that the moment to read the story becomes more interesting, try to make it more fun.

The method is very easy, duplicate the variety of language styles in the storybook with different sounds. And of course, with the different tone of voice, you can also joke around. Retelling or repeating words is actually good for your baby. In this way, language skills will increase.

What books should be chosen?

If your baby is around 11 months old, try to choose a book with a variety of pictures of animals or faces that can attract your child's attention. This is done so that the reading moment is more interesting.

In addition, choose a book that has a variety of bright, contrasting colors and of course supported with interesting but simple images. Give your child a book made from plastic, cloth, or with a rather hard material (but make sure the sides won't hurt your child) is a good choice. No need to worry too much if your child enters or bites the book. That's the sign of your toddler getting interested in books. Good sign!

Now you know what the benefits of reading books to toddlers are? Come on, don't waste your time with your toddler, and start reading story books for him. Can be at the time before napping, before going to bed at night, or in leisure time. The emotional bond between you and your toddler continues to be strong, and your child's brain development goes well


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