Secret to Enhancing Appetite, to Raise Weight

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Loss of appetite can be a serious thing, especially for those of you who are underweight. What you need to know, appetite enhancers not only can be cultivated through the type of daily food intake. Ways and eating patterns also need to be considered so that the weight does not come back down, it can even be increased. Loss of appetite can arise due to various factors, for example, due to feelings of anxiety or prolonged depression. Some drugs can also cause side effects in reducing appetite. In fact, the difficulty of getting appropriate food can also be overwhelmed.

If you are constantly in a situation like this, in addition to disturbing your self-confidence, of course it can be bad for your health too. Before your health is disturbed, use the following methods to improve your appetite.

Secret to Enhancing Appetite, to Raise Weight
Secret to Enhancing Appetite, to Raise Weight

Start Paying Attention to Everyday Eating

What should be done as an initial step to increase appetite is to pay attention to eating patterns.

Never leave breakfast

When you sleep at night, the body does not get any intake, so in the morning the body needs new intake as a fuel for metabolic processes. Breakfast with a healthy menu, such as whole-grain bread with peanut butter or yogurt and whole-grain cereal, is enough to meet the body's needs. You also can move well because of the energy from the breakfast menu. Breakfast can actually also maintain your appetite for a full day.

Prepare favorite food

Appetite will be easier if there are foods that you like. For that, always prepare favorite foods, so there is no reason to delay or skip meals. Don't hesitate to eat chocolate cake or other fatty foods, especially if you are an ideal body weight. One more thing, eating foods that are full of memories like you used to eat in childhood can also help improve your appetite.

Eat less, but more often

Eating three meals a day with large portions often makes a person who initially has a lack of appetite to further reduce his appetite. This is because you feel the stomach becomes full quickly and ultimately decreased appetite. As a way to increase appetite, change your diet to be more frequent, which is four to six times a day at mealtimes, but each in small portions. You can choose the pattern, for example, it is more comfortable to have a big meal in the morning or dinner. Another way that can be done is to divide heavy portions of lunch into two sessions that last one or two hours to avoid feeling sour in the stomach.

Choosing snacks made from more healthy

Snacks can save you from a lack of appetite for heavy food. Choose healthy snacks that contain healthy sugars and fats, such as bananas, avocados, and nuts. Place this healthy snack in a small bowl that is easily accessible so you are encouraged to snack. However, you must remember that eating snacks is not intended to replace the main food. You still have to eat the main food. In order not to disturb the main food diet, eat snacks away from the main meal.

Avoid too much fiber

Fiber is found in vegetables, fruits, and wheat. This substance is one of the important inputs for the body. In processing fiber-rich foods, the body takes more time than when digesting other foods. That's why fiber can make you feel full longer, so it tends not to want to eat quickly. If you include people who have a low appetite, you should avoid the intake of foods that are too much fiber. The goal, of course, is that you can increase your appetite.

Avoid strong-scented foods

Foods with a strong aroma, such as durian and garlic, may reduce appetite. So, you should avoid both.

Use seasonings

When preparing food, add herbs or spices as a flavoring. The fragrance of these herbs will increase the desire to eat. Some spices are often considered as a natural appetite enhancer, namely cinnamon.

Try to Pay Attention to Other Supporting Things

The second way as an appetite enhancer is to pay attention to other things, whether it has to do with eating or not, for example:

Create a cheerful and pleasant atmosphere

So that you feel happy when eating, create a pleasant atmosphere. You can eat while listening to music, watch your favorite shows on TV, or light an aromatherapy candle on the dining table. Chatting with a dining buddy is also fun, as long as you can avoid the topic of conversation which will actually create stress. Because there is a possibility of a decrease in your appetite caused by stress or anxiety because of a problem.

Don't forget to meet your daily fluid needs

Drink a glass of water one hour before and one hour after eating. The goal is to help digestion and prevent the stomach is too full of food. Avoid drinking too much water before eating because the effect will give a false sense of fullness and reduce appetite. The body's need for fluids can also be met by drinking milk or special herbal teas that can stimulate appetite as well.

Add with mild exercise activities

Choose mild exercise, such as brisk walking around the housing complex. Do exercise half an hour before mealtime. Exercise will stimulate your appetite because when exercising, the body burns calories. After exercise, the body needs more energy, so you will feel hungry. Avoid choosing strenuous exercise, because even though the body burns calories, the intake of food that enters only serves to balance the calories burned.

Change your lifestyle and diet as above as an appetite enhancer. You also have to remember to always provide food, especially if you are far away. Because, the appearance of food can arouse appetite, even though you do not feel hungry. Thus, those of you who are underweight can try to increase it, for a healthy and ideal body.

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