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Slimming Injections, Recognize the Process and Effects

Slimming Injections, Recognize the Process and Effects - Smooth, clean, and slim as if a picture of a beautiful woman. A woman can do a variety of ways to get slim growth. Starting from diet and exercise, to do thin injections. Getting a slim body without the need for tiring exercise, and without the need to go on a diet is so tempting for a woman. The beauty of getting a beautiful body without the need to feel pain. Even thin injections sometimes sound tempting. But before you are tempted more deeply, you should first identify the process and the effects of thin injections.

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Slimming Injections, Recognize the Process and Effects

What Are Skinny Injections?

Mesotherapy or better known as thin injections usually uses a mixture of PPC, L carnitine, organic silicum, and procaine. The use of this liquid aims to increase circulation, burn energy, inhibit fat retrieval and trigger the release of fat.

What is the Thin Injection Process?

The liquid mixture above will then be injected into the most superficial layer of skin or a few millimeters from the surface of the skin. This injection can be done in several parts of the body to remove fat in certain areas or all parts of the body.

Before doing the injection process, you will usually be given an anesthetic that is applied so that the intended part of the skin is numb. If you are one of those who can stand the pain and your doctor decides not to give anesthesia, then during the injection process you might feel uncomfortable and a little pain.

Anesthesia is usually also intended so that injection fluid that enters the body is not immediately absorbed, so the fluid can spread deeper into the connective tissue, and arrive at the desired location with a high concentration level.

In addition to smoothing the body, thin injections can also be used to remove cellulite, shape body contours, rejuvenate the neck or face, and can even be used to treat hair loss.

Are Side Effects of Thin Injections?

Although thin injections provide a tempting promise, it does not mean thin injections do not carry risks or side effects. Risks in the area of the injection that may occur after you have had a skinny injection include:

  • The appearance of a skin infection is quite severe if the injection area is not sterile.
  • Hematoma (bruising).
  • An abscess (formation of festering infection).
  • Necrosis (death of skin tissue in the area of injection)
  • Infection by mycobacteria (bacteria that also infect the lungs and cause tuberculosis)
  • Hyperpigmentation (skin color that hits the injection site)

While the side effects that generally occur are itching, burning sensation, or swelling. Itching and pain will usually disappear after two days or several minutes after the injection. While bruising or swelling usually occurs at the injection site and will disappear within a week or more.

To overcome the problem of bruising or swelling due to thin injections, doctors will usually give a cream that you need to use for several days. The doctor will also advise you not to do strenuous exercise or cardiovascular exercise. Remember and listen carefully to the advice of your doctor. Do not try to give certain medications without a doctor's recommendation. Careless use of drugs can actually cause irritation. You certainly do not want that to happen right?

Thin injections can indeed provide an instant effect. Your body can be slim with several injections. But, if you don't change your lifestyle and keep eating carelessly, the results are predictable. Fat will accumulate again.

If you really want results that are without danger, there is no harm in running a healthier way. Like on a healthy diet, and regular exercise. This method not only makes you slim but also a healthier body. So, before deciding to do a thin injection, ask the doctor about the process and its effects first.
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