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Will Caesar's birth be repeated?

Mothers who have had a cesarean delivery may wonder whether later pregnancies can undergo normal labor or must return to the cesarean section. Today, the demand for cesarean deliveries continues to increase and become a trend among modern women, even if there is no medical emergency for a cesarean. Cesarean section on the basis of this request may be driven by the interests of the mother herself because she believes that cesarean section is safer for the baby or to reduce the risk of pelvic injury.

A cesarean delivery will be more likely to repeat the next birth. A childbirth expert said that a mother who underwent a cesarean section will most likely undergo another cesarean delivery at the next birth. This is because cesarean section leaves a large scratch on the uterus so it is feared that a normal delivery at the next labor can cause the uterine wall to rupture. About one in 200 mothers who have had a cesarean delivery experience a uterine rupture when trying to give birth normally.

Therefore, if the mother intends to give birth normally after having had a cesarean section, it is important to remind the midwife or nurse in an effort to monitor the progress of the normal delivery stage and duration to prevent this condition from occurring.

Will Caesar's birth be repeated?
Will Caesar's birth be repeated?

Risk of Subsequent Pregnancy after Caesar

Giving birth to a cesarean section can invite a slight increase in the risk of ectopic pregnancy and stillbirth in the next pregnancy, as presented by the findings of a study.


Babies die in the womb or stillbirth is fetal death at more than 24 weeks' gestation. Another source of defining stillbirth is when a baby dies in the womb above 24 weeks' gestation. The chances of a baby dying in the womb in subsequent pregnancies are at increased risk for mothers who have had a cesarean. However, this risk is still very small. The incidence of stillbirth in the second pregnancy occurred in 4 of 1,000 mothers who had had a cesarean section. This number is higher when compared to the possibility of 2 out of 1,000 mothers who had previously given birth normally. But unfortunately, the reason is unknown.

Ectopic pregnancy

One study found that women who gave birth to their first baby by cesarean were faced with a 9 percent higher chance of experiencing an ectopic pregnancy in the future, compared with mothers who gave birth normally at first birth. Ectopic pregnancy is the location of the fertilized egg by sperm which grows on the ovary or other locations outside the uterus. This anomalous condition usually results in fetal death. This condition is considered a medical emergency because, without proper treatment, it can endanger the health of the mother. However, the same study also showed that cesarean delivery did not increase the risk of spontaneous miscarriage before 20 weeks' gestation.

Although the possibility is greater, cesarean section is not always repeated. The possibility of having a normal delivery after having had a cesarean delivery remains. But given the risks that go with it, it is safer to consider very carefully about the decision to take a normal delivery after having had a cesarean section. Consult carefully with an obstetrician regarding the condition of the mother and fetus regarding the necessity for cesarean delivery.
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