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What is Lightning Crotch? Pelvic Pain During Pregnancy

LIGHTNING CROTCH PREGNANCY - When you are pregnant, you will certainly experience many changes physically and emotionally. Changes in a number of hormones often occur in pregnant women.
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During pregnancy, do you often feel pain like an electric shock that is briefly felt between the pelvis or vagina? If so, Mama is experiencing lightning crotch.

Lightning crotch is pain between the vagina and pelvis like lightning that occurs suddenly. The term Lightning or lightning is used to describe the appearance of a feeling that is felt in the groin area. It feels like a sting or electric shock that may occur during the period of pregnancy.

To be clear about lightning crotch, this time we have summarized the information from The Healthy.

Identify the causes and triggers.

1. What are the symptoms and symptoms of pain in the groin?

If you experience pain in your groin, like being electrocuted, then it may come as a surprise, especially if it comes suddenly. Literally, it feels like lightning or an electric shock in the pelvic area.

Most pregnant women report feeling pain when it occurs. This is usually felt when you are moving or if you feel the fetus in the womb is very active.

Luckily, the pain should go away in a minute or so. Just keep in mind that this can come back sporadically during pregnancy.

Groin pain is quite normal, says Gil Weiss, MD, a partner in the Women's Health Care Association and assistant professor of clinical medicine in the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology at Northwestern Memorial Hospital, Chicago.

2. The cause of the groin pain

"Pregnant women may think of lightning crotch as pelvic pain," says Dr. Weiss. The pain is usually sharp and stabbing, lasting up to a minute.

Usually localized in one place, but may spread to the vagina and rectum. This tends to occur in the last half of the third trimester.

"No one knows exactly what causes it, but we assume that as the baby descends into the uterus, the nerves compress near the pubic bone and along the back of the pelvis. This compression causes sharp, transient pain,” explains Dr. Weiss.

Notes from Dr. Weiss for pregnant women, that is, not all pain at the bottom is lightning crotch. It's a good idea to call your doctor, especially if you're experiencing some of the symptoms. Here are some symptoms to watch out for, including:

  • Have experienced other types of pain
  • Feeling signs of infection
  • The membranes rupture during pregnancy
  • Feeling pain accompanied by bleeding or cramps
  • The pain doesn't stop, it can even come on very quickly
  • The pain is so disabling that you can't carry out daily activities

3. What triggers the groin pain?

A sore groin during pregnancy can strike anyone, even without knowing the obvious reason. However, there are some things that trigger the groin pain, such as:

  • Sitting for a long time
  • Squat for a long time
  • Standing up suddenly and suddenly
  • The position of the fetus in the womb shifts
  • Changing positions suddenly after a long period of time
  • Pick up something heavy, such as furniture or other items

"Pregnant women who carry a larger baby, carry more than one baby or have a baby when the baby's position has entered the birth canal can be at a higher risk of experiencing pain in the groin. In addition, the baby pressing the back of the pelvis can also be a trigger," said Dr. . Weiss.

4. Treatment and prevention

This may not be completely preventable, but there are some things you can do to reduce the risks above. Based on the opinion of Dr. Weiss, here are some precautions so that the groin doesn't hurt during pregnancy, including:

  • Stand up slowly and not suddenly
  • Walk 15 minutes every few hours to stay active
  • Perform gentle flexibility and strengthening exercises for the hips, legs and back
  • Change your position as often as you can throughout the day, including when you're sitting relaxed

Because sitting for too long can trigger pain, you can do light exercise during pregnancy. It should be understood that light exercise that is safe during pregnancy can help for the health of yourself and the fetus in the womb.

Fortunately, the pain in the groin is quite normal and will go away on its own.

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