7 Months Recommended Baby Food List

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7 Months Recommended Baby Food List. When looking at the baby's routine, we will learn how the habits of everyday life, ranging from eating, sleeping, to playing. One of the lessons to be learned from seeing these habits is to know which 7-month baby food is right for your baby. Baby food 7 months can be solid. Most babies of this age are given solid foods up to three times a day. In addition, parents also generally add milk about 700-950 ml. Breast milk as much as it is the cumulative amount given for the full day or 24 hours. There are also parents who have introduced formula milk to babies aged 7 months.

Foods to Consume

Baby food 7 months should be equipped with adequate daily nutrition. This is necessary given that a 7-month-old baby is entering the stage of developing a unique personality and activities performed independently. 7-month-old babies have not learned how to recognize the environment. In addition, the creativity, movement, and curiosity of 7-month-old babies are also undergoing significant development, but still, require encouragement from parents. The role of the parents themselves, in this case, is to make sure all the actions of the baby do not endanger their own safety. In addition to supporting the above development, baby food 7 months should also support their teeth growth. Usually, the first teeth in infants will grow as they step between the fifth and seventh months. But do not be too upset if despite being 7 months old, but Little has not yet had a tooth. Because each individual has a unique development, including in the case of teeth.

Then, what kind of baby food 7 months should be given to the baby? Some of these are below: 

7 Months Recommended Baby Food List


Another good meal for a 7-month-old baby is peas. These foods are included in the super vegetable group. So-called because peas are rich in vitamin A, vitamin B, vitamin C, and folic acid.

Sweet potatoes

One of the 7-month baby food is sweet potato. This foodstuff is one source of vitamin C, vitamin E, and beta-carotene. Sweet potatoes are a delicious choice that can be given to babies to replace potatoes.


From the fruit group, the recommended 7-month baby food is a plum fruit. This fruit is good for giving baby instant energy, natural fiber, and iron. Prem is a natural laxative so it can be a reliable solution when the baby is constipated.


Wheat is also recommended for babies remembering this ingredient is able to help stabilize blood sugar and provide energy for long periods of time. These foods are also rich in water-soluble fiber. Such fibers are essential to protect the intestinal surface and help keep cholesterol levels maintained.


Good 7-month baby food for growth one of them is chicken meat. This product is rich in protein and vitamin B12 that is not found in plant-based foods. Chicken also contains enough fat needed to support the baby's growth.

Red meat (beef)

The meat category that is also recommended for babies aged 7 months is red meat. This food source provides the best iron and easily absorbed by the body. Infants aged 6-12 months need a lot of iron for growth.


For the meat group, the 7-month baby food that can be given is lamb. This meat is rich in vitamin B, zinc, and iron. Iron requirements for babies have been provided naturally from at least from birth to six months of age. Furthermore, the given diet should be able to meet the baby's need for the substance.


The recommended 7-month baby food from the sea is fish. The superiority of fish is a low-fat, but rich in protein source. Choosing the right 7-month baby food will further increase the chances of growth and growth. Although the above foods are recommended but do not let the parents glued to the list above. If necessary, discuss it with your pediatrician, especially if the child is allergic to any of the above foods.

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