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Natural and Artificial Hormone Function of Progesterone

Natural and Artificial Hormone Function of Progesterone. Often read the word 'progestin' in contraceptive pills and drugs? It is a hormone progesterone produced in the laboratory for medical purposes. Basically, a hormone that is naturally present in the body and released by this ovary has many benefits. Regarding the use of artificial progesterone as a medicine can be diverse, including in the form of drinking medicine, topical (topical), and injection (injection). Each form of medicine has different treatment goals as well.

Understanding the function of this hormone progesterone can make women can better understand the mechanism of his body. Here is some important role of progesterone in human life.

The Benefits of Natural Progesterone

Naturally, progesterone has several important roles:

Natural and Artificial Hormone Function of Progesterone

Reproductive system

In addition, this so-called pregnancy hormone progesterone has many roles in fetal growth:

  • Progesterone plays a role in changing the endometrium in preparing the uterus for fetal growth. Progesterone also alters the cervical mucus and vaginal epithelial cells thicken so that the sperm can not penetrate prematurely.
  • Decrease the female immune response during conception to prepare for pregnancy.
  • The suspected decrease in progesterone levels is also possible for labor.
  • During breastfeeding, progesterone initiates lactation/preparation for breastfeeding. After delivery, a decrease in progesterone levels will trigger milk production.

If fertilization does not occur, then menstruation will occur, beginning with a decrease in progesterone hormone levels.


Progesterone plays an important role in shaping the female body. This hormone works with prolactin to ripen the breasts to produce milk as preparation for breastfeeding after delivery.


Progesterone plays an important role in increasing women's s*xual arousal. On the other hand, women who have higher levels of progesterone than usual will have a tendency to have s*x with other women.

Nervous system

  • Support the development of neurons in the brain and play a role in protecting brain tissue from damage.
  • Contribute to the recovery of brain injury by reducing inflammation and preventing the risk of apoptosis or cell death.
  • Helps prevent regeneration of neurons as a result of brain injury.
  • Reduces the risk of edema/swelling due to brain injury.

In addition to the functions of the hormone progesterone above, this hormone also plays a role regulating the immune system response, normalize blood clotting, oxygen levels in cells, levels of copper and zinc, and blood vessel tone. Progesterone can also prevent endometrial cancer by regulating the effects of estrogen, as well as play a role in the function of the pancreas and insulin release. In men, progesterone can play an important role in regulating the behavior of men, such as the attitude of men in infants.

Benefits of Artificial Progesterone

Artificial progesterone can be administered orally, injections, and is also available in the gel-resembling form. Here are some of the artificial hormone progesterone functions:

  • As one method of contraception.
  • As a fertilizer support material in the IVF procedure.
  • Progesterone may be given to patients who have multiple miscarriages due to progesterone deficiency.
  • Contribute to shedding a thickened endometrial layer in women who have late periods.
  • Taken during certain periods of the menstrual cycle to deal with catamenial epilepsy, ie chronic neurological conditions due to recurrent seizures and aggravated by the menstrual cycle.
  • Potential in managing multiple sclerosis.
  • Serve to maintain bone strength and skin elasticity.
  • In transs*xual women, progesterone is used as a component of hormone replacement therapy.
  • As a gel, progesterone can be applied to the vagina to handle the absence of menstruation in women who have not yet entered menopause.
  • Applying progesterone to the vagina is thought to relieve breast pain from non-cancerous diseases.
  • In pregnant women, some studies have found that gluing of progesterone gel in the vagina may reduce the risk of premature birth.
  • Can be injected to handle infertility.

Although it contains many benefits, the use of progesterone in some people with certain diseases should be avoided because it can increase the risk of health problems, such as progesterone should not be used when a person suffering from breast cancer, having unknown genital hemorrhage and suffering from liver dysfunction. Use of artificial progesterone hormone should be consulted first with the doctor.
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