Bad breath disturb, try to clean the tongue

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Bad breath disturbs, try to clean the tongue use tongue brush, Many things people do to eliminate bad breath. One of them with tongue bending. There was a medical reason to confirm that. According to one biologist, the condition of bad breath is almost 90 percent caused by bacteria derived from food scraps and protein in the saliva. The tongue is one of the many locations inhabited by the bacteria.

Cleansing Tongue Surface

Tongue brush is intended to clean up the pile of bacteria, fungi, dead cells, and food scraps on the surface of the tongue. This hoarding can be caused by fungal infections, dry mouth, smoking, certain drug use, or lack of maintenance around the mouth and teeth. Bacteria and normal fungus that grows around the tongue is also widely associated with problems in the mouth and overall body health. One of them is the problem of bad breath or halitosis. Research on the effectiveness of tongue scrap is still limited. 

Bad breath disturb, try to clean the tongue

However, recent studies show, tongue scraping may help to overcome bad breath temporarily. However, there is not enough evidence that tongue scrap helps chronic bad breath. Two other studies compared the effectiveness of using tongue scraping with a toothbrush in cleaning the tongue to overcome bad breath. As a result, tongue cleansers or bloating have slightly higher effectiveness when controlling bad breath in adults. That need to be underlined, it is still considered effective in a relatively short time.

Selecting Needs

Many who clean the tongue with a toothbrush only. However, if it is intended to help overcome bad breath, the action is considered less effective. Because the design of the toothbrush is different from the tongue bending. The toothbrush is designed to clean teeth with hard surfaces, while soft tongue texture requires different types. Now tongue scrapings can be easily found in drugstores of various shapes and sizes. Then, how to choose the right tongue buckle? Choose an ergonomic tongue scrap formed in accordance with the anatomy of the tongue, so as to lift the plaque layer as well as clean the surface of the tongue. 

The ingredients of tongue scrap should also be considered. Some are made of plastic, metal, or other materials. In addition, note also the shape, dimensions, and quality of tongue bending when touching the tongue. If necessary, use tongue scrap with a special gel that acts as an antibacterial to clean optimally. How to use tongue bending is very easy. Place the tool up to the back of the tongue, then pull up the front end of the tongue. Repeat several times until you feel the tongue feel clean. 

In addition to clean the surface of the tongue, to overcome and avoid bad breath must also be accompanied by maintaining good oral hygiene. Brush your teeth at least twice a day, rinse with mouthwash, use dental floss if necessary, and drink enough water to prevent dry mouth. Then check with your dentist regularly. Cleaning teeth with tongue bumps may help overcome bad breath. However, if bad breath persists, consult the doctor or dentist for the best solution.

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