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Breastfeeding Mom Drinking Coffee, It's The Fact

Breastfeeding Mom Drinking Coffee, It's The Fact. If used to drinking coffee, do not drink one day just feels there is less. However, for new mothers, can mothers drinking coffee? Not sleeping all night because Little is sick, crying endlessly, or just giving milk, would make the mother feel sleepy in the morning or afternoon. Eyes become red and heavy, but unfortunately, a lot of work in the office or home to be completed. Caffeinated coffee becomes an easy way out of sleepiness. But often the question, can mothers drinking coffee? Is it safe for your baby?

Influence of Caffeine on Infants and Breastfeeding Mothers

Breastfeeding mothers may drink coffee containing caffeine. But the amount should be limited, the alias should not be excessive. Why? When caffeine enters the bloodstream of the breastfeeding mother, less than one percent goes into breast milk. The amount of caffeine in breast milk will accumulate a few hours after consumption. 

Breastfeeding Mom Drinking Coffee, It's The Fact

While the small body has not been able to break down and get rid of caffeine easily, because the kidneys and liver have not developed properly and perfectly. As a result, caffeine may accumulate in his system. This can make your child become fussy and difficult to sleep. The younger the Younger, the longer it takes to get rid of caffeine from his body. If your baby is nine months old, then he was able to remove caffeine from his body just like adults.

Meanwhile, nursing mothers who suffer from circulatory disorders (Raynaud's disease) are advised to avoid caffeine altogether. This disease is caused by the narrowing of blood vessels to make the fingers, toes, and other parts of the body were cold and as stabbed a lot of needles due to lack of blood. Caffeine can aggravate the narrowing of blood vessels to make breastfeeding activity painful. This is because the nipple may feel like a stabbing.

Safe Number of Caffeine

Many experts suggest that nursing mothers limit caffeine intake to not exceed 300 milligrams per day. Drinking more than two or three cups of coffee a day can cause the mother, Little One, or even both of you to become irritable, anxious, fussy, and difficulty sleeping. But remember, it's not just coffee that contains caffeine. Caffeine can also be found in tea, cola drinks, energy drinks, and chocolate. The amount of caffeine in these foods and drinks is different.

  • One can of cola drink (354 ml) contains about 40 mg of caffeine
  • 50 grams of chocolate: up to 50 mg
  • One can of energy drink contains: around 80 mg
  • One cup of tea: 75 mg
  • One cup of instant coffee: 100 mg
  • One cup of filter coffee: 140 mg

Nothing forbids nursing mothers to drink coffee, as long as it is not excessive. However, if the mother feels doubtful or afraid of drinking coffee will harm the baby, the mother can drink water, fruit juice (no more than one glass of 150 ml per day), herbal tea, (check caffeine content first), or tea and coffee decaf.
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