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How To Drink Water Like It Can Lose Weight

How To Drink Water Like It Can Lose Weight. Are you trying to measure your weight and feel the needle of the scales move in the right direction? That means your weight is growing. Do not be grumpy, can really prevent it from happening. Just by drinking water in a different way. A study conducted in the UK reveals how drinking water that allegedly can lose weight. Water is drunk as much as 500 ml or about two glasses about 30 minutes before eating. You should avoid carbonated water or water with other mixtures.

The result, the habit was allegedly able to lower the average body 4.3 kg per day if done 3 times a day. Or, if done once a day, can cut about 0.8 kg of weight per day. Research conducted in the UK involving 84 people who are classified as obese. Then divided into two groups. If the first group is asked to drink water before eating, then the second group is only required to imagine that he is full. The first group lost more weight about 1.3 kg compared to the second group. Other scientific evidence conducted by researchers from Germany to prove, water consumption can support weight loss by allowing more calories burned.

How To Drink Water Like It Can Lose Weight

Different studies also show a link between water intake and weight loss. People who drink more water and eat fruits and vegetables will reduce the habit of high sugar drinks. This new habit is also followed by a lack of desire to consume high-calorie foods. This means that fewer calories enter the body. That is why in addition to drinking water directly, to lose weight need to increase the consumption of fruits and vegetables. Both types of foods contain about 90% water that can be used to meet the needs of fluids every day. A study in Japan revealed women who consume two types of food has a measure of body mass index and waist circumference smaller.

One of the advantages of using water as a supporter of weight loss is the ease of doing it in the middle of the density of activity, compared to other weight loss methods. It's just that, to achieve such weight loss, should be accompanied by changes in lifestyle and healthier food choices, as well as sports activities are done regularly. Are you getting the spirit of ideal body weight? Let's try this way and enjoy as the scales move to the left. But, for those who have certain health conditions, do not forget to consult with a doctor first.
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