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Thе Body Hеаlth Sіtе rесоmmеndѕ уоu 5 tуреѕ of fruit that аrе very ѕuіtаblе tо hеlр уоu lоѕе weight. Fruits contain a lot of vitamins, minerals, and fiber needed by our body. Fruit is very low in calories and bad fat but is very rich in fiber. The fiber content of the fruit is very good for those who are on a diet. Because the fiber will make your stomach full longer. That is why fruit is very well used as a support for your diet.

Some fruits that are suitable to help your diet.

According to several studies the 5 fruits below are very good for your diet and are recommended for consumption

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Apple is the first fruit that Body Health Site recommends for you. One apple has an average of 5 grams of fiber, apples also contain very much water almost 85%. This is very good for keeping your blood sugar under control and the fiber can keep your stomach full. Apples also contain Flavonoids Quercetin, which is very effective against certain types of cancer and can nourish the lungs.

Avocado Fruit
The second fruit that Body Health Site recommends to you is Avocados. The oleic acid content which is monounsaturated fat is very good for our body. Avocados are also able to control your blood sugar. The good fat content in avocados is very good for heart health because it can normalize blood clotting, avocado good fats can also be useful to delay hunger and make the stomach full longer. In addition to good fat, avocados also contain vitamin B6, minerals, folate and potassium which can reach 345mg.

Blueberry fruit
Blueberries have very strong antioxidant anthocyanins. Anthocyanins can reduce the risk of heart disease, blindness, and even some types of cancer. The fiber contained in blueberries is also high reaching 4 grams, and this can make you feel full longer. That's why blueberries are perfect for those of you who are on a diet.

The fourth fruit is grapefruit, it looks like an orange but is larger in size. This fruit can cause a satiety effect for you so it is very suitable for those who are on a diet. Grapefruit is very good for those who are at risk of diabetes, but if you are taking certain drugs you should consult your doctor whether you can eat this fruit. If you eat grapefruit for 3 months on a regular basis your weight will decrease by 1.5 kg.

Banana Fruit
Besides the delicious taste, bananas are also very good for delaying hunger. For those of you who are on a diet, bananas will also help increase your body's metabolism so that calories will easily burn. Besides being delicious, bananas also contain no fat, sodium or cholesterol. The content of vitamins and minerals of bananas is very good for our body.

That's the 5 types of fruit that Body Health Site recommends for those of you who are on a diet to lose weight. Our advice is to avoid junk food, replace it with healthy foods such as vegetables and fruit, do physical activity and regular exercise, get enough rest and avoid excessive stress. Hopefully, this article is useful for you.
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