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Thіѕ article, thе Bоdу Health Sіtе will discuss Sports which іѕ rіght fоr thоѕе оf you who аrе оn a dіеt. Living a healthy life means you have to pay attention to healthy food with adequate and balanced portions and do regular exercise, get enough rest and reduce stress. In addition to a food diet, exercise is also needed so that calories can burn properly and if you consume high-calorie foods you do not waste by exercising then what happens is fat accumulation as a reserve of calories in your body. You will get fat because calories burned are less than your daily calorie intake. Calories that burn through physical activity will turn into energy and you need the right exercise to help them. Here are some types of exercise that are suitable for burning your body's calories, as well as removing fat in the part that accumulates the most fat.


The function of exercise is not only to burn calories and eliminate fat, but it can be used to tighten muscles. Here is the right exercise to help your diet.

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1. Pilates Sports
The type of exercise that the Body Health Site recommends is Pilates. This exercise is perfect for those who want to tighten the middle part of the body, such as the pelvis, abdomen, thighs, and lower back, Pilates exercise is the same as aerobics. Don't be fooled by the pilates movement that looks very soft, because it really requires muscle movement in doing so. Other functions of pilates besides toning the muscles are also good for your body's flexibility and are good for joints.

2. Weight training for strength
To burn calories quickly you can also take advantage of weight lifting or sports by utilizing body weights such as push-ups, squat jumps, pull-ups. With this type of exercise will help you form muscle mass in addition to burning calories quickly. Through this weight training, you can train specific parts of the body specifically.

3. Running Sports
Several studies have proven that running for 3 hours a week will reduce our weight by about 8kg a year. Running sports is one of the easiest sports for anyone anywhere and anytime. No need to come to the fitness center, you can do it, running, besides being able to quickly burn calories is also very good for maintaining your heart health.

4. Yoga
The last is Yoga, many people do not think that yoga can lose weight even though the amount of burning calories is not as much as aerobics. Yoga can also help to relieve stress and build muscle and improve flexibility. If the results of calorie burning through yoga are still lacking, you can combine it with running, cycling and swimming.

Those are some types of exercise that Body Health Site can recommend for you. You can do it alternately 2-3 times a week with about 1 hour of exercise. The most important thing to note is that you always consume healthy food so that you maintain your weight. Regular exercise and adequate rest, drink lots of water and avoid stress. Reduce junk food and fatty foods and replace them with fresh fruit and vegetables. Remember you must be disciplined in exercising regularly so that the results achieved are more maximal.

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