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Following this, the Body Health Site will discuss several types of healthy diets that you can choose according to your body's condition. The purpose of losing weight in addition to supporting the appearance is also the main thing is for health. Losing weight must be in a good and tested way, not to make our body become sick because of the wrong diet. The main way to get rid of body fat is to regulate a healthy and balanced diet and follow it with regular exercise. Although there are many types of healthy diets, you don't need to be confused to choose a healthy diet. Try to adjust to your body's needs and abilities in carrying out the diet.

Here are some healthy diet choices for you:

Healthy diet 5:2
What is meant by a healthy 5: 2 diet, this type of diet is generally done by eating healthy food normally for five consecutive days, then on the sixth and seventh day you do fasting during the day. So the sixth and seventh days you only have breakfast and dinner without eating and drinking anything in the afternoon. This 5.2 healthy diet can not only reduce your weight but also according to research can increase the lifespan of someone who runs it. Amazingly with a healthy 5: 2 diet can improve cognitive function and can protect the brain from diseases such as dementia and Alzheimer's. This 5: 2 healthy diet also through research turned out to be able to protect our bodies from attacks of various diseases.

Research conducted by several experts in Asia, it turns out that a healthy 5: 2 diet can help to reduce the risk of type two diabetes, the way the body will increase sensitivity to insulin. In research conducted more in finding that a healthy diet 5: 2 can also reduce the risk of cancer that is closely related to breast cancer and obesity. When running a healthy diet in the fasting phase in the afternoon, often healthy dieters 5: 2 will feel dizzy, bad mood, irritability, headaches, and will be difficult to concentrate, because they are not used to and your body is still adjusting. Sometimes side effects also occur in some people who are on a healthy 5: 2 diet such as having a sleep disorder, bad breath, dehydration, and on the sixth and seventh days during the day will feel tired and sleepy.

Dukan Healthy Diet
The second healthy diet you can choose is a Dukan healthy diet. Freely choose 100 kinds of animal and vegetable sources. In this type of diet, you must manage a healthy diet with high protein, low fat, and low in carbohydrates. In this type of Dukan Healthy Diet, it is deliberately designed for you so you don't feel hungry. You can choose various types of healthy foods from animal sources, and from different vegetable sources then you can eat as much as you like. Through a Dukan healthy diet and having to manage a healthy diet can reduce your weight between 3kg to 5kg on the first five days of this diet. But as with other types of diets, the Dukan diet also has side effects. Someone who runs a type of Dukan diet can often experience fatigue, dry mouth, bad breath, constipation, malnutrition and even damage to the liver and kidneys if you do this diet continuously. Your weight will drop rapidly due to loss of body fluids and reduced muscle mass.

Paleo Healthy Diet
In this type of healthy diet, you are only allowed to consume natural foods such as foods consumed by cavemen in prehistoric times. The types of food referred to in this healthy paleo diet are lean meat, eggs that are still fresh and under 5 weeks of age, various fruits and vegetables, fresh fish, nuts, and vegetable oils. You are also prohibited from eating dairy products and derivatives, cereals, instant foods and drinks, sugar, salt, and potatoes. In the type of healthy diet, Paleo does prohibit the consumption of salt, sugar and processed foods. The disadvantage of this type of healthy paleo diet is that it makes the culprit feel bored, usually because the food consumed every day feels tasteless. Besides that, you also have to spend more money to buy organic food. Sometimes our body will also experience a lack of carbohydrates and calcium.

Atkins Healthy Diet
The last healthy diet we discussed in the Body Health Site is the Atkins Healthy Diet. The trick is very simple, you have to reduce or not consume carbohydrates at all as a substitute you are allowed to consume protein and fat. In theory, the Atkins healthy diet is enabled so that the body immediately burns fat reserves to be converted into energy. But the Atkins healthy diet also has the same negative effects as other types of diets. The healthy Atkins diet by managing your food also carries risks such as fatigue, dizziness, bad breath, dry mouth, insomnia, nausea, due to lack of carbohydrates and lack of fiber. The risk of heart disease can also occur because of this diet.

So many discussions from the Body Health Site this time, about some healthy diet choices for you. All types of diets definitely have they are own positive and negative effects. We recommend that before you go on a diet, consult first with a doctor or nutritionist. Most important is to maintain a healthy and balanced diet and accompanied by regular exercise, adequate rest and avoiding excessive stress. Hopefully our discussion this time is useful for you.

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