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Dont Kiss Newborn Baby

Parents who are happy with newborns, often get visits from family and friends in the neighborhood. Often, visitors take excessive action by touching and kissing babies, even though this habit can cause an adverse risk. It's not easy to keep a newborn baby in a sterile environment. Including germs that can easily move through touches or kisses landed by people around newborns.

Beware of Germination

Not only adults who love to surround the newborn, but also include children and the elderly.

Although not everyone can spread harmful germs, it increases the risk of the baby falling ill. The bad news, newborns can contract the disease faster, including being infected more quickly and more seriously.

Dont Kiss Newborn Baby

During the first few weeks, the body of the newborn can take advantage of antibodies from the mother for temporary immunity. However, immunity is still low and still makes it vulnerable to viruses or bacteria that cause disease. Starting from influenza viruses, rotavirus, pertussis, to streptococcus B.

The formation of the immune system can indeed be stronger after fighting germs, but that does not mean parents let babies get as many germs as possible. The natural environment, in general, is enough to build the immune system.

What needs to be remembered, germs that cause flu or runny nose that appear as a mild disease in adults can cause serious health problems in infants. A professor of pediatric medicine emphasizes the importance of maintaining the transmission of germs especially to babies aged 6 months.

Tips for Protecting Babies

Here are some ways to keep germs from hands or faces that are anxious on newborns:

Make sure to wash your hands
The most common infectious diseases are spread by touch. That's why hand washing is very important before touching a newborn baby. To minimize germs, wash your hands using soap and warm water. Not only visitors, parents who will carry a newborn should also do this. Wash your hands every time after going to the bathroom, holding raw vegetables or meat, playing or shaking hands.

Provides germicidal fluids
Hand sanitizers or germicidal liquids containing alcohol can be an alternative, especially when water and soap are not available. Rub the liquid for 15-20 seconds for maximum results.

Limit visitors who come
Not everyone understands the importance of maintaining a safe environment for newborns. Prospective visitors who are sick should be asked to delay their visit. Including fever, coughing, sneezing or sore throat. In addition, watch out for gifts that allow germs to be inside, such as teddy bears and others.

Switch touch or kiss
Newborns can be very adorable. However, parents can remind, you should avoid touching or kissing the baby around the face and the hands that they sometimes suck. Because, saliva and liquid from the mouth contain various germs. Give a rule, touching or kissing a baby should only be done around the feet.

Avoid environments too crowded
Especially the first few weeks, you should avoid bringing newborns to shops, restaurants, malls, markets, or other overcrowded environments. This will help avoid babies from curious people touching and kissing them.

Follow the vaccination schedule as instructed by the doctor
One of the important things to protect the health of newborns is to meet the recommended vaccination schedule for the doctor. Vaccination will help protect babies against dangerous diseases.

Parents often feel reluctant to limit other people from interacting with newborns. However, reminding others to maintain behavior politely, can still be done to maintain the health of newborns.

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