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How to Quickly shrink distended stomach naturally without exercise for men and women

Who likes to have a distended stomach? Having a distended stomach is often a problem that can reduce self-confidence. In addition to reducing the appearance, a distended stomach can also be a source of disease. However, because of the time-consuming activities, you find it hard to take the time to exercise so that your distended stomach doesn't shrink at all.

The stomach is really easy to stretch. This is because the stomach is one part of the body that has high elasticity and is the fattiest. Moreover, a distended stomach is not always experienced by people who are obese or overweight. People who are proportional or thin are able to experience the name of a distended stomach.
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A distended stomach occurs when too much fat accumulates in the abdominal area and around the waist. This accumulation of abdominal fat can be caused by a diet high in carbohydrates, cholesterol, and fat, an increase in the stress hormone cortisol, to lack of exercise.

How to Quickly shrink distended stomach naturally without exercise for men and women

Well, there are actually many ways to shrink a distended stomach, such as by exercising and dieting. However, diet and exercise must be done so that the fat in the stomach can disappear. Come on, see how to shrink a distended stomach without exercise that you can do.

1. How to shrink a distended stomach by consuming lots of water

Increasing drinking water can get rid of things that are not needed by the body easily. You only need to drink one glass of water before and after meals and don't forget to meet the needs of 2 liters of water for the body's metabolic processes. Drinking 2 liters of water or 8 glasses per day can burn 96 calories/day. Drinking water will be more effective to help shrink the stomach naturally if you drink 0.5 liters of water or 2 cups, 30 minutes before eating. Do it regularly to get maximum results.

2. How to shrink a distended stomach by limiting foods with high sugar levels

There are two types of sugar found in food, namely fructose, and glucose. Fructose can only be metabolized in the liver at certain doses. If you eat foods and drinks with high sugar levels, the liver will not be able to metabolize all fructose and will only turn it into fat that accumulates in the stomach.

3. How to shrink a distended stomach by consuming green tea

Famous green tea will have many benefits. Green tea has always been believed to be one way to lose weight and reduce stomach effectiveness. To get maximum benefit, drink green tea regularly before eating. Also, make sure to drink it without sugar. By drinking it before meals, it will automatically make the stomach feel fuller when eating, and of course, reduce the portion of food. Green tea can also facilitate the body's metabolism including fat metabolism so it will help eliminate fat in the body.

4. How to shrink a distended stomach by consuming lemon and ginger water

Lemon is widely used as one of the natural weight-loss ingredients because it is believed to help improve the work of the body's metabolism. The faster the metabolism, the faster and more fat deposits are burned. Likewise, with ginger, an article in the British Journal of Nutrition reported that ginger is able to control blood sugar and cholesterol levels, and burn fat, thus helping reduce appetite.

How to make lemon and ginger water, prepare a small pan and heat 4 cups of water or enough. Take a fresh lemon, clean it, and cut the lemon into several parts. Take one segment of ginger, clean it, and cut it into several parts. You can also use ginger powder. Add a few pieces of ginger or 1 tablespoon of ginger powder into a pan filled with water. Then add 1 to 2 pieces of lemon. Leave it to boil and pour it into the glass afterward.

5. Increase consumption of vegetables and fruits

One of the causes of accumulation of fat in the stomach is food intake that exceeds the body's needs. When the fat and calories you eat are not burned by the body, it will be converted into fat. One place to store fat is around the stomach. Then start picking food. Instead of snacking on fried foods, start increasing consumption of vegetables and fruits.

Vegetables and fruits are low-fat foods with little calorie content and high fiber. This high fiber content will help bind water so that digestion can take place better in order to dissolve fat.

6. How to shrink a distended stomach by eating lime tea

Not only have to consume green tea, but you can also use regular tea mixed with lime juice to help shrink the stomach. Simply prepare a bag of tea or you can also use 3 teaspoons and 1 lime, and a glass of hot water. Brew the tea and mix the lime juice into it and drink regularly for maximum results.

7. How to shrink a distended stomach by not eating before bed

At least it takes 2 hours for food to be processed. Therefore, you should not eat heavily before bed. This is important for you to remember because, during sleep, the body does not need as much energy as during the day. Then watch your dinner. Eat at least 3 hours before bedtime, so that the body is more comfortable when going to sleep. Large meals just before bedtime will only make the stomach uncomfortable and accumulate more calories. The absence of activity before going to sleep will only make the incoming calories converted to fat instead of energy.
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