Do these 7 things after you know you are pregnant

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When you finally know that you are pregnant, the feelings that appear may be mixed up. Whatever you feel, whether surprised, confused and angry, or happy and enthusiastic, everything is normal. Normal because there are hormonal changes that contribute to making you more emotional. Not only you, but your partner's feelings can also be mixed up. Therefore, talk to him carefully while expressing your feelings. On the other hand, also give an opportunity to express his feelings. Don't worry, your feelings will change over time because the prospective baby will take your attention more. Make good preparations to welcome the Little One so that later he is born and develops healthy and cheerful.

Here are some things you can do after you know you are pregnant.

Do these 7 things after you know you are pregnant

Get to know the danger signs of pregnancy

As the fetus grows in your womb, you may feel mild cramps. Do not be ignored, but you are advised to see a gynecologist, at least as a preventative measure. In more severe conditions, immediately seek emergency medical help if you experience cramps accompanied by bleeding.

Pay attention to your health and your baby

Apply a healthy diet, get enough rest, and do light exercise for at least 30 minutes per day. Also, make sure you get enough folic acid intake. Folic acid or vitamin B9 are important nutrients that are responsible for protecting the fetus from the brain and spinal cord disorders. Your daily need for folic acid is around 400 micrograms (mcg). You can get folic acid supplements or special supplements for pregnant women at a pharmacy or drug store. Even so, prioritize consulting a doctor before taking supplements.

One more thing that is most visible when you are pregnant is the increased weight. Weight gain can be different for each person but usually ranges from 11-16 kg. To be sure, you can consult your doctor about how ideal body weight is for you.

Choose a doctor or midwife

You need to visit a doctor or midwife for prenatal care when your womb is at least two months old. However, it never hurts to start looking for information about a doctor or midwife as early as possible. You can ask for advice from the closest people or find information about hospitals and doctors or midwives on the internet. Choose a doctor or midwife that suits your needs and is easy to reach.

Don't miss this step because prenatal care is very important. By routinely checking and following the doctor's guidelines, your health and your baby can be monitored well. At the first visit, a pelvic examination will usually be performed to determine the size and shape of the uterus. In addition, the doctor may also take blood and urine samples. Blood samples can be used to determine blood type, blood cell count, whether you have anemia, and whether there are infections such as syphilis, hepatitis, or HIV. Meanwhile, urine samples can be used to determine whether your blood sugar levels are high, high protein levels and whether there is a bacterial infection. In addition to these examinations, you may also need an ultrasound (USG) examination or other tests.

Calculate the date of delivery

It aims to find out the estimated date of birth. In addition, this calculation is also used to monitor whether the fetus's growth and development has gone well. You can use a pregnancy calculator to find out when your beloved baby can meet you.

Avoid taboos for pregnant women

What are the restrictions meant here? For example, carelessly taking drugs purchased at a pharmacy, consuming too much caffeinated and alcoholic beverages, smoking, consuming undercooked meat, and unpasteurized milk.

Restore yourself from morning sickness

Morning sickness is a condition of nausea and vomiting that usually occurs in the early days of pregnancy, usually during the first trimester. This condition can occur in the morning, afternoon, night, or even throughout the day. To reduce nausea, eat small portions often. Try foods that don't make you nauseous, such as fresh biscuits or plain bread. If you continue to feel nauseous or vomiting, making difficult food into your stomach, consult a doctor. You may experience a more severe condition than usual morning sickness, namely hyperemesis gravidarum.

Get a flu shot

Pregnant women infected with the flu virus can face an increased risk of complications and the risk of having to undergo hospital treatment. Pregnant women are advised to get a flu shot. Consult your doctor about vaccines needed during pregnancy.

As you get older, your body will adapt to meet the needs of the baby. So, don't be surprised if your skin becomes darker, your hair thickens, and maybe it will be accompanied by the appearance of pimples. As you get older, your body will experience more changes, such as stretch marks, swollen ankles, and varicose veins. In addition, your breasts can enlarge until the old bra doesn't fit anymore. Wear a special bra for pregnant women to keep you comfortable.

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