Palm Sugar Rich Benefits for Daily Life

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Palm sugar is usually made from the sap of the Palmyra tree or palm tree. In addition, this sugar can also come from the sap of the palm tree which has a Latin name, Arenga pinnata, and from the Nipah tree. Because it can also be made from sugar palm trees, palm sugar is generally known as palm sugar. This sugar is a traditional processed product that has long been widely known in the continents of Asia and Africa. In addition to being sold in the form of syrup that falls directly from the tree, there is also palm sap which is left crystallized and packaged in various shapes and sizes.

Utilization of Palm Sugar in Everyday Life

Palm sugar or palm sugar has a variety of colors, ranging from golden brown to dark brown. This sugar has sucrose content up to 50 percent, invert sugar (a mixture of glucose and fructose) up to 20 percent, and has a moisture content of up to 20 percent. Apart from the above composition, this sugar also has insoluble ingredients, such as protein.

Palm Sugar Rich Benefits for Daily Life

In everyday life, palm sugar is commonly used as one of the ingredients in sweet and savory dishes in several Asian countries. This sugar is also commonly added in lentil soup to add sweetness. The existence of palm sugar is also useful to balance the taste of spicy, salty, and sour. Other dishes that also contain palm sugar are vegetable and curry dishes.

Besides being used in everyday dishes, the use of palm sugar is also usually done in religious festivals. In fact, in certain beliefs, this ingredient is believed to have health benefits. Palm sugar is also commonly used in certain events such as engagements.

Especially for health problems, palm sugar is usually eaten to balance the heat in the stomach after eating spicy food. This sugar is also considered to have the possibility of increasing the heat in the body. This is useful for making the body sweat so that body temperature remains stable, especially during high-temperature summer attacks.

One other use that can be done with palm sugar is alcohol syrup in certain countries known as "tuak". Snacks that can be made with sugar palm ingredients are sweets and cakes. In the traditional textile industry, palm sugar is commonly used to dye fabrics naturally.

Make Candy from Palm Sugar

As an ingredient in making sweets, palm sugar is a suitable material for making organic sweets. There are many recipes that involve this traditional sweetener as raw material. One example of classic sweets that can be made with sweeteners is soft sweet candy known as fudge. Candies with traditional palm sugar ingredients are certainly very good for those who are undergoing an organic diet or away from foods that contain chemicals.

Maybe now palm sugar or palm sugar is not popular. In fact, traditionally processed products have benefits that might be very useful for everyday life.


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