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Benefits of chayote for Health

Papaya and chayote in addition to delicious, it turns out chayote is also good for health. Chayote is included in the Cucurbitaceae family, just like cucumber and melon. The fruit with vines contains vitamins B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, B9, E, and K. Chayote is even said to be a good source of vitamin C. In addition, Chayote also contains various minerals such as calcium, iron, magnesium, phosphorus, potassium, and zinc.

The content of fiber, protein, and vitamins in chayote is indeed lower compared to other vegetables. However, this green pumpkin is rich in several important amino acids such as aspartic acid, glutamic acid, alanine, arginine, cysteine, phenylalanine, glycine, histidine, isoleucine, leucine, methionine, proline, serine, tyrosine, threonine, and valine. With so many nutrients, the benefits of chayote include:

Benefits of chayote for Health

Gastric diet

Chayote is recommended for consumption by people with gastric disorders. This is because the chayote does not cause gas if it enters the stomach. The gastric diet is intended to ease the work of the digestive tract and help neutralize excess stomach acid. Gastric diets can also be given to people with gastric inflammation, colitis, inflammation of the esophagus, and diarrhea.

Low purine diet

For those of you with gout, it is recommended to eat chayote. Chayote is thought to be low in purine content. Purines are certain chemical compounds in some foods which, when broken down, will become uric acid crystals and accumulate in the joints of the hands, kidneys or urethra. Low-purine diet by eating (one of them) chayote is expected to reduce uric acid levels in the blood and promote the secretion of uric acid. The condition is, chayote is cooked by boiling or steaming.

Low-calorie diet

If you want to get the ideal weight and improve your health and fitness, try eating chayote. Why? Chayote is thought to be a low-calorie vegetable. In addition to consuming chayote and other low-calorie snacks, don't forget to exercise regularly.

Healthy food for the elderly

Not only children and adults who need nutritious food, but the elderly are also encouraged to live healthy lives. One way is to consume chayote. Chayote can be cooked into vegetables or eaten as fresh vegetables. It is recommended to cut smaller chayotes and cook until tender to make them easier to consume.

Low cholesterol diet

Want to reduce cholesterol and fat in the blood? It is recommended to consume foods that do not cause gas, one of which is chayote. Chayote is recommended to be cooked by boiling or steaming.
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