Tips for Maintaining Cerebrum Function

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Tips for Maintaining Cerebrum Function - The cerebrum is one of the organs of the body that is very important for humans. How not, the parts that are in the cerebrum can allow a person to think, control gestures, store memories, and much more. Just follow the tips on maintaining the function of the cerebrum to keep it functioning properly.

Tips for Maintaining Cerebrum Function

The cerebrum itself is divided into two parts, which certainly have different functions. The right cerebrum has a role in terms of memory, problem-solving, reasoning, and attention. While the function of the left cerebrum is for one's language skills. Both of these large brain functions need to be maintained properly. The trick is not difficult either by eating healthy food or doing activities that can train brain function. The following are tips for maintaining your large brain function:

  • Play brain teasers
  • To hone and maintain the ability of the brain, choose a game that is not only entertaining but also helps maintain the function of the cerebrum to remain healthy. Play games like puzzles, Sudoku, or crosswords. Games like this can maintain and improve your ability to think. So that your skills are more honed, choose a game that has a level of difficulty that is quite complex. And if you feel you have mastered the game enough, replace it with other, more complicated games.
  • Keep learning
  • Learning something can not only increase your ability or broaden your knowledge, but learning can also be one way to improve your cerebrum thinking skills. Try to learn a foreign language, the more vocabulary you save, the less risk you have of cognitive ability.
  • Practice your memory
  • The ability to remember is one of the functions of the right cerebrum. To maintain or improve their abilities, the thing you need to do is practice the memory. For example by drawing a floor plan or map of a location that you just know. Or, make a list or schedule of things you need to do in one day, then try to remember them.
  • Read more
  • In addition to being a window to the world for you, books can also improve the function of your cerebrum. So, start reading more books. By reading a lot of books, you can learn new words, which is certainly good for brain health. Not only that, but reading can also slow the attack of dementia and Alzheimer's disease.

Food For Brains

After doing a few tips that can improve your brain's ability, now is the time to provide food for your brain to be well-nourished and improve its abilities.

Eat foods that contain omega-3 fatty acids and antioxidants such as vegetables, nuts, fruit, and fish. Fish that contain omega 3 fatty acids include sardine fish and salmon. These fatty acids can later improve cerebral function, reduce brain inflammation, lower blood pressure, and maintain cholesterol levels in the blood.

In addition to foods that contain both of the above nutrients, magnesium is also believed to improve cerebral function. The reason is, magnesium can help deliver messages in the brain. One good source of magnesium for your brain is beans.

Don't delay the time to maintain and improve your cerebrum function. Immediately do a few tips above, and consume foods that are good for your brain. So that health and sharpness of the brain are maintained to face your future.

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