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Common Mistakes When Installing Baby Car Seat

You surely know that the existence of a baby seat in a car can be a determining factor for your baby's safety. The existence of a special seat for babies, aka baby car seats, also should not be arbitrary. This tool must be adjusted to the weight, height, and age. If babies are forced to sit in car seats, they can suffer serious injuries or even die if there is an accident or brake suddenly.

You should not underestimate this because even low-speed cars can cause the baby to suffer a serious injury. Don't just rely on adult protection in these emergencies. Children or babies may be released from hugs when an accident occurs.

Common Mistakes When Installing Baby Car Seat

Common Mistakes in Applying a Baby Car Seat

Installing a baby car seat can not be arbitrary. Some of the things below are common mistakes in installing a baby car seat that you should avoid.

Bring the baby in the front seat
Airbags do protect the driver and passengers in the front seat in the event of a collision. But you must understand that this safety device actually endangers the safety of the baby. Therefore, never place the child in the front seat. The safest, the baby should be placed in the middle in the back seat.

Straps are still loose
Seat belts or straps should be attached tightly. The aim is to prevent the baby from moving forward. Even an inch, if the baby can still move forward, then it can trigger the risk of the baby experiencing a collision in the head or injury to the spinal cord when an accident occurs.

Add layers
Add layers to provide comfort for the baby was not recommended. Pillows, blankets, and thick coats can make baby's seat straps not work properly. These additions can make the belt not tight so it actually endangers the baby. The added layer is not designed according to the baby chair used.

Using the wrong holder
Some types of cars may have a cradle provided for baby seats. Usually, this holder is located in the middle rear seat. However, not all cars have this facility. If you want to add a stand, make sure to put it in the middle, not on the side. Wearing a seat belt to tie a baby car seat to a chair can be done instead of a holder.

Tie the rope too high
Tying a rope too high can cause children to be ejected from their baby car seat during an accident. Tie a strap through the hole in the baby car seat located under the baby's shoulder.

Didn't check properly
When you want to buy a baby car seat, make sure you know a few things about the production of seats and the companies that produce them. Each product has a clear production number. Special seats for babies must not be past their expiration dates or not be used for more than six years. Make sure that similar products have never experienced a production defect. Examine each part of the chair to make sure nothing is missing.

Wrong position
Many parents install special chairs for babies in unsafe positions. The recommended position because it is considered the safest is in the middle rear seat. Even in the back seat, putting a baby car seat on the side is not recommended. If this is done, the worry will result in serious injury to the baby during a collision with a chair in front of him that is parallel.

So that the mistakes above can be avoided, you should follow the instructions for use carefully. Also, make sure you adjust the special baby seat according to the weight and height of the child.
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