Olive Oil Protects Your Home Cooking from Disease

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Being accustomed to consuming home cooking processed with olive oil might help reduce the risk of stroke, heart disease, and help treat high blood pressure and high cholesterol. The delicacy of home cooking feels more delicious and healthier thanks to the content of vitamin E and vitamin K in olive oil. Also, this oil is supported by the presence of omega-3 and omega-6, in addition to unsaturated fat content which reaches 86 percent.

Olive Oil Protects Your Home Cooking from Disease

The Advantages of Eating Home Cooking Processed with Olive Oil

Any cuisine tends to be more guaranteed in terms of health safety if processed using this oil compared to other oils. What are the advantages of using olive oil? we will discuss it here.

The heart is better preserved
Olive oil contains polyunsaturated fats and monounsaturated fats that are good for this one organ. Besides helping to reduce the risk of heart disease, this type of fat also reduces the risk of inflammation and increases levels of good cholesterol.

Helps avoid strokes
According to the study, parents who routinely consume foods that use olive oil, have a 41 percent lower risk of stroke than those of his age who do not or rarely use olive oil on their diets.

Mental health is more awake
Fast food and made in large quantities, such as chips and pastries, contain high trans fat. The bad effects of trans fats allow a higher level of depression. A study found a 48% increase in depression in the group that consumed trans fat compared to the group that used olive oil as the main oil.

Maintaining liver health
A study states that extra virgin olive oil can help protect the liver from cell damage. This cell damage is closely related to the chemical reaction of molecules in the body with free radicals.

More protected from breast cancer
Research shows that olive oil is more protective of the body from breast cancer compared to other oils. Olive oil activates a mechanism that can kill breast cancer cells. In other words, home cooking that is processed using olive oil gives you a greater chance to avoid breast cancer.

Bad cholesterol decreases
Other studies of the benefits of olive oil prove that people who take olive oil supplements once a day for six weeks can reduce levels of LDL (Low-Density Lipoprotein) or commonly called bad cholesterol in their blood.

Tips for Making Home Cooking Using Olive Oil

Various forms of home cooking can use olive oil as supporting material. One simple example that we can apply is like this.

  • Saute cooking using olive oil instead of ordinary cooking oil or high butter with saturated fat content.
  • Mix a few spoons of olive oil with a little ground pepper, lemon juice, honey, and salt to make a salad dressing. You can make variations of other salad dressings with various ingredients, for example, chopped garlic, mustard, vinegar, yogurt, and other ingredients according to your taste.
  • If you need to make dishes with marinade technique (ingredients soaked first with marinade), use olive oil as one of the marinades.
  • Extra virgin type olive oil is easy to heat so it is suitable for home cooking whose processing does not require high heat.

You can make your own fried snacks at home, but this time uses olive oil. That way, you and your family will avoid excessive saturated fat which is detrimental to the body.

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