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5 Recommended Test Pack Brands That You Can Try at Home

WHERE TO BUY PREGNANCY TESTER - For married couples, having children may be something they want. When your period misses the monthly cycle schedule, you may think, "Am I pregnant?"

An easy way to find out is to use a pregnancy test kit or test pack. This pregnancy test kit is relatively easy to use with fairly accurate results. Currently on the market there are various brands of test packs with various features and prices to choose from.


Here, we have five recommended test pack tools that you can choose from with various advantages:

1. Sensitive Strip
Sensitive Brand is one of the well-known test pack brands in Indonesia. Sensitive Strip is a test pack in the form of a strip that is used by dipping it in the urine first thing in the morning, seven days after sexual intercourse. This test pack is very easy to use with an accuracy rate of 99.9 percent.

Each pack contains one single-use strip and can be purchased at the nearest pharmacy.

2. Directtest
In strip form, similar to the Sensitive Strip, this test pack from Directtest is also easy to use. Seven days after sexual intercourse, you can test it right away, without waiting for the first urine in the morning. This test strip pack is packaged together with a urine cup to simplify the testing process. The price for this Directtest test pack and urine cup is quite affordable.

3. Quick and Sure Onemed

In addition to the strip form, there are also test packs in the form of cassettes, the method of which is to drip urine in the space provided. Quick and Sure Onemed uses this method. The price is very cheap.

Although cheap, Quick and Sure Onemed is quite accurate as long as the test is done properly, namely using the first urine in the morning. The way to read the results is to look at the indicators on the test pack. One line near the letter T means the test is failed or invalid, two lines sign means positive pregnancy, and one line near the letter C means negative.

4. Accurate Compact

Accurately, this brand of test pack that is widely sold in the market has an accuracy level of 10 mIU. Using it is not difficult. You only need to collect the first urine in the morning, seven days after having sex. Open the lid, then dip the tip of the test pack for 30-60 seconds. About one to three minutes, the results can be known.

5. Sensitive Digital Pregnancy Test
Unlike other test packs, the Sensitive brand has a unique digital test pack. Indicators of the test results are shown in the words "Yes" for positive and "No" for negative. With a more accurate digital system, the Sensitive Digital Pregnancy Test can be used five days before your period.

Sensitive Digital Pregnancy Test detects pregnancy with definite results and can only be used once. Those are the five recommended test pack brands that you can try at home. Make sure to use it correctly according to the instructions on the package to get accurate results. Hopefully this information helps you in choosing the right test pack. OK thanks for read this article: WHERE TO BUY PREGNANCY TESTER!


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