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Many people are stuck in some myths about diet to lose weight. In this article, the Body Health Site will try to straighten it out. Like the notion of dinner or not consuming carbohydrates at all, it can reduce one's weight quickly. Is this a myth or fact? Often people are looking for a special formula for the diet so that they immediately get maximum results in losing weight quickly but the reality is not right, here are some myths that many people have about diet.

Can carbohydrates cause the body to become fat?

This is very inappropriate. Lots of people think that carbohydrates are one of the causes of obesity. If carbohydrates are consumed in sufficient quantities it is good for you. Potatoes, brown rice and whole wheat if consumed with the skin can meet your daily fiber needs.


Does avoiding breakfast and dinner can make the body thin?

This is a myth that many people believe. When you sleep at night for about 8 hours, your stomach is empty. Avoiding breakfast can make you replace with snacks that are not necessarily healthy, before entering lunchtime. So this breakfast is very important for you to do by consuming healthy food, of course. Likewise with dinner, because there is no definitive evidence that dinner can cause obesity. All you have to pay attention is not to dinner with high-calorie foods and don't eat before going to bed. This is to prevent digestive disorders and pain in the pit of the stomach because the food has not been digested properly.

Is Fat Not Consumable at All?

You have to know, that the body's needs besides carbohydrate intake, protein, also need fat as a fulfillment of energy requirements and body cell repair. Things you should pay attention to, choose healthy fat consumption. Like fat from nuts, avocados, seeds, and fish. You also have to reduce your consumption of saturated fats and trans fats. Usually found in butter, red meat, and fast food.

Does doing excessive exercise make the body thin fast?

This statement is wrong because to lose weight you have to exercise regularly and continuously. Do not exercise excessively so that you lose weight quickly, because this can be dangerous for your health. Do it gradually and consistently, you also have to change your lifestyle into a healthy lifestyle. Perform routine and fun activities such as walking, cycling, gardening, playing with children and other activities that can nourish your body. Weight loss is rapidly down, usually fast rising as well.

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Doing moderate-intensity aerobics is also highly recommended for those of you aged 20-65 years. Do it about 150 minutes a week, please you can share it yourself for an average of how many minutes a day adjust to your busy life. Cycling and brisk walking are also included in this medium-intensity aerobics. Also do weight lifting that you can do in your daily life like carrying groceries, lifting weights, push-ups, sit-ups, and yoga. Also combine these activities with other sports such as running, soccer, swimming, and martial arts.

The price of healthy food is more expensive than junk food

This statement is wrong, try to compare the price of food in fast food restaurants with prices for fresh vegetables on the market such as beans, spinach or mustard greens. Surely the price is much cheaper.

Does drinking lots of water to reduce hunger can make skinny fast?

All living things need water. Humans need water to help the metabolic process, but by drinking lots of water does not make your body thin. The water you drink can be beneficial for your body's metabolism but it is balanced with changes in your healthy lifestyle such as doing regular exercise and consuming healthy foods.

Is holding hunger longer, can you lose weight?

This is not true, if you hold hunger for longer it can cause your appetite to become bigger. As a result, you will eat in greater amounts, the body will also lack nutrients and energy. In conclusion, by stopping hunger your appetite becomes bigger and without realizing it your food portions will be more so that it has the potential to increase body weight.

Can foods with low-fat writing on packaging be healthier?

Not necessarily the type of packaging with low-fat labels is better. Usually, it contains a lot of other ingredients which have high levels such as sugar, for example. You must be more careful before buying it, check the nutrition label on the food packaging.

Is it stop eating snacks, good for a diet to lose weight?

This is not right, because snacks are also needed to meet your body's energy needs before entering the next meal. But choose healthy snacks like fruits, do not eat any snacks especially those that have high levels of carbohydrates and sugar.

The Body Health Site always advises its readers to carry out healthy lifestyles, such as regular exercise, consumption of healthy foods such as fruits and vegetables, adequate rest and managing stress well. Basically, there is no instant way to lose weight quickly except by changing your lifestyle. Maybe useful.
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