Conjunctivitis diagnosis

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The diagnosis is done by a doctor by examining the eyes and asking for symptoms that are experienced to determine the treatment to be performed, and determining what type of conjunctivitis is suffered by the patient.

Immediately see an ophthalmologist if the symptoms are severe and don't heal. The doctor may suggest taking samples of thick or mucous fluid from the infected eye for analysis. If conjunctivitis is suspected to be due to an allergy, an allergy test is also needed so that the patient can avoid allergens in the future. 

Conjunctivitis diagnosis

The following are some of the severe conditions that require further examination:

  • The cornea swells and open sores appear or are called keratitis.
  • Swelling of the middle layer of the eye which causes headaches, watery eyes, and pain. This condition is called iritis.
  • Acute glaucoma which causes pressure on the eyes and pain.

Examination by an ophthalmologist must be done immediately if the newborn has infective conjunctivitis.

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