These 3 Daily Fashion Trends Can Turn Out to Harm Your Health

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Following the dress, the trend is indeed fun and exciting to follow. But do not let the desire to appear stylish bring health problems to the body. Comfortable and safe should be the main requirement in choosing objects to wear. Although sometimes the desire to appear more fashionable makes you feel the need to wear objects that actually feel uncomfortable and even endanger health.

By knowing the various risks of health problems that may arise, you can choose what should not be worn too often and which are safe to wear every day. The following three items should not be used too often.

These 3 Daily Fashion Trends Can Turn Out to Harm Your Health

Tight clothes

Tights and pants, such as skinny jeans, do make users look slimmer and taller. But there are some risks that might arrive if you wear too much tight clothing:

  • If you have a tendency to have heartburn, tight clothing can make the condition worse.
  • Activities such as walking, squatting, and sitting wearing tight clothes for too long and too often can aggravate back pain,
  • Clothes that stick tightly to the body can cause the body to sweat faster. In addition to the pores becoming more at risk of being blocked, inflammation of the hair follicles (folliculitis) can occur.
  • Another possibility is the ingrown feathers.
  • Some researchers believe that tight pants can cause meralgia paraesthetica, a condition when the nerves are depressed or irritated so that the outer thighs cannot feel anything or feel pain.
  • A study states that the use of tight pants may cause dyspermia, namely the abnormal number and morphology of sperm due to overheating of the testicles.
  • Other studies have found that tight pants can cause varicose veins, rhabdomyolysis or muscle injury, and nerve disorders such as tibial neuropathies.
  • A study states that tight clothing on the neck, such as wearing a tie that is too tight, can cause cerebrovascular disorders, namely the reduced ability of the brain artery to expand.

To reduce the risk, when wearing tight clothes, wear sweat-absorbing cotton underwear and do not wear these tight pants while sleeping.

Bags with excessive load

Many people feel they have to carry a lot of things wherever they go, such as carrying an iPad, cellphone with battery charger, cosmetics, hair dryer, and bottled water. The problem is, lifting something that is too heavy gives a continuous burden to the shoulder and causes shoulder pain.
To reduce this risk, the following ways can be used as alternatives.
  • If every day you travel to the same place, for example to the office, leave some of the contents of the bag in the office so that you do not need to carry it all when you go home or leave.
  • Move the bag from one shoulder to another shoulder alternately so that the load is not centered on one shoulder.
  • Choose a bag with a wide shoulder strap to reduce pressure.
  • Wear a comfortable backpack and you like when you need to carry lots of things.

High heels

High-heeled shoes do make the legs look longer, but the use of these shoes continually runs the risk of causing the following conditions.

  • A bunion, which is a prominent bone that forms at the bottom joint of the big toe.
  • Hammertoe, namely the imbalance of ligaments and muscles around the joints of the toes so that abnormalities (bent) are formed at the middle joints of the toes.
  • Pinched nerve.
  • Calluses.
  • Ingrown nails.
  • The imbalance when wearing high heels puts you at risk of sprains, torn ligaments, and bone fractures.

If you have to wear high heels, rest your feet occasionally after standing for a long time. Take off your shoes when sitting and wear flat footwear instead.

Do not let the style appear risky to sacrifice health. If you have ever experienced symptoms like the one above, check whether your clothes, bags, or shoes are at risk of causing interference and taking steps to prevent them.

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