Tooth Gems Installation Procedure and Risk

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Tooth Gems Installation Procedure and Risk

You may often see some famous hip-hop singers or celebrities in the United States wearing (tooth gems) jewelry on their teeth (tooth gems celebrities). One of the types of jewelry used is made of diamonds. Tooth gems near me, there are already several dental clinics that offer services for installing these accessories on your teeth.

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Definition of Diamond Tooth Gems

Installation of diamond tooth gems is a dental repair procedure that has an aesthetic purpose or enhances appearance. Tooth Gems are often referred to as tooth piercings, grills or grillz, and fronts. The culture of installing gold tooth gems has actually been around for thousands of years, which has become a trend back in the early 1980s until now. Jewelry (cute tooth gems) used can be made of various types of materials and materials, ranging from gold, silver, metal, swarovski tooth gems, to diamonds. However, usually the main material used is zircon, a type of mineral rock that resembles a diamond. Tooth Gems consist of 2 types, namely temporary and permanent. For temporary types, Gems can be removed and reinstalled at any time. Meanwhile, the permanent type is glued to the teeth with a special technique so that it cannot be removed just like that.

Tooth Gems installation procedure

How long do tooth gems last? You can choose the installation of tooth gems that are temporary or permanent, depending on your needs. For temporary Tooth Gems, the dentist will attach the gems with special glue (glue for tooth gems). In the permanent type, more complicated techniques are needed, such as thinning the upper or front teeth, so that the gems adheres well to the tooth surface. Tooth Gems installation procedure is an option that many people are looking for to beautify the appearance of their teeth. However, you certainly have to spend a lot of money to do it. Tooth Gems services in the United States that are often chosen by top celebrities cost thousands of dollars. This is because the installation is quite complicated, not to mention the cost of maintenance. That is why many consumers are looking for shortcuts by using homemade or instant Tooth Gems which are much cheaper. According to the American Dental Association website, this procedure usually uses certain cements or glues that are permanent and are not actually formulated for internal use, especially teeth. Installation of home Tooth Gems is certainly more risky, especially for long-term use. This procedure should only be performed by an experienced dentist.

Various risks behind tooth gems

Until now, there have not been many studies showing the dangers of Tooth Gems for oral health. However, there are no studies that can prove the safety of this procedure. Some types of Tooth Gems contain metals that may trigger irritation or allergic reactions in some people. In addition to the potential for triggering allergies, temporary or permanent Tooth Gems installation also saves several risks for dental and oral health.

1. Accelerates plaque formation

The presence of gems attached to the teeth makes it easier for plaque to build up between the teeth. Plaque is a sticky, soft layer on the teeth that comes from food or drink residue. Plaque that is allowed to accumulate will become an ideal nest for bacteria to live. More and more bacteria lodged in the teeth can trigger damage to tooth enamel. As a result, the surface of the teeth can be damaged and cause cavities. Not only causes cavities, these bacteria can also irritate the gums and cause gingivitis, aka inflammation of the gums. Breath can also become smellier due to bacteria that live in the mouth. Instead of beautifying your appearance, tooth gems without proper care are at risk of bringing new health problems to your teeth and mouth.

2. Affects tooth articulation

It does not stop there, the installation of gems in the teeth can also have a negative impact on the articulation of your teeth. What's that? Articulation of teeth is the meeting or friction between the upper and lower teeth when they are moved to talk or chew. If the gems are not positioned properly on the teeth, this can potentially lead to impaired articulation of your teeth. As a result, the process of chewing and talking feels even more uncomfortable. In the long term, disturbed tooth grinding can cause joint and muscle pain in the jaw, which in turn will lead to headaches and the habit of bruxism (tooth grinding).

Gems-mounted dental care tips

Where to get tooth gems done near me? Basically, there is nothing wrong if you still want to put gems on your teeth as long as you do it at a clinic with a trusted and experienced dentist in your city. Make sure you don't choose a Tooth Gems installation service that is too cheap, fake, and not guaranteed to be safe. This is important to reduce the risk of dental and oral problems in the long term. In addition, before installing Tooth Gems, make sure you consult in depth with your doctor regarding the installation procedure and the materials used.

If your teeth have gems installed, you can follow some of the steps below to keep your teeth and mouth healthy:

  • Brush your teeth regularly and carefully. Make sure you brush your teeth at least 2 times a day. Avoid brushing too hard to prevent the gems flakes from peeling off and being swallowed.
  • Clean between the teeth with dental floss or dental floss to ensure that there are no food residues that accumulate and have the potential to form plaque.
  • If you use temporary tooth gems, make sure you remove them every time you eat. Clean your teeth first before putting them back on. 


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