ZOLL Defibrillator, what are the Benefits

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ZOLL Defibrillator, what are the Benefits?. Find out more in this article

Please find out about the benefits of ZOLL defibrillators that can help you make the right choice about whether this type of safety equipment is right for you or vice versa. Everyone understands the importance of having the right defibrillator in the office, at home, or in public. Many companies offer a variety of safety equipment, one of which is a defibrillator.

Zoll Defibrillator
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Why should you use the ZOLL Defibrillator?

ZOLL defibrillator is a kind of automatic external type defibrillator (AED) specially designed to help people who have had a sudden heart attack. Provides assistance with CPR, and by delivering electric shocks to restore the heart to a normal rhythm. Since only about fifty percent of all unexpected heart attacks experience collapse but all require CPR, the ZOLL defibrillator is designed to tell and show users how to perform ideal compression during CPR.

Various benefits of using a ZOLL defibrillator:

1. Get Rid of Uncertainty

Because CPR can be difficult, also for clinicians, the ZOLL defibrillator is designed to follow American Heart Organization standards for how fast and how deep chest compressions should be. This means the AED will have the ability to tell you when to press harder when your compression is ideal, so there's no need for uncertainty.

2. With a form that is easy to use

All ZOLL defibrillators are equipped with a one-piece electrode that is uniquely designed to ensure fast and accurate positioning. Along with these electrodes, this type of AED also comes with a total package safe device, consisting of scissors and various other necessary items.

3. Cost-Effective Solutions

Thanks to its long service life, the ZOLL defibrillator is one of the most affordable AEDs on the market. All ZOLL defibrillators are powered by a lithium battery that lasts 5 years and is equipped with electrodes that can last up to 5 years, if not in use.

4. Fully Automatic Option

Unlike many other types of defibrillators which require a switch to be pushed by hand to produce the required stun, the ZOLL defibrillator will immediately generate an electric shock if an unusual heartbeat is detected.

5. There is a Program Management Service

All ZOLL defibrillators come with PlusTracTM, an extensive program management service, which ensures that the AED is always there when you need it. The ProTracTM application is an online system that can be accessed from anywhere with an Internet link and is designed to provide everything you need to manage one or 100 AEDs.

If you would like to find out more about the benefits of the ZOLL defibrillator, or if you are interested among various other items of safety equipment, you can find out more about the ZOLL defibrillator from the PDF file of the Product.

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