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Zoll AED Plus

ZOLL AED Plus Automated Outside Defibrillator (Semi-Automated or Completely Automatic)

Zoll AED Plus
Zoll AED Plus


  • Semi-Automated English Variation
  • Semi-Automated Spanish Variation
  • Fully Automated English Variation
  • Semi-Automated English Variation with Steel Wall surface Cupboard with an Alarm system
  • Semi-Automated Spanish Variation with Steel Wall surface Cupboard with an Alarm system

The AED Plus is the initially and just full-rescue AED that offers Actual CPR Assistance for price and deepness of breast compressions. With real-time comments, the rescuer could offer the very best hands-on CPR feasible in an unexpected heart arrest (SCA). The AED Plus likewise overviews rescuers with the total Chain of Survival assisting all SCA sufferers, not simply those that require a stun.

The system consists of:

  • 1 Brand name Brand-new ZOLL AED Plus Defibrillator
  • 1 One Item Grown-up CPR-D Padz (8900-0800-01)
  • 1 Individual Hands-on
  • 1 Fast Recommendation Direct
  • 1 Black soft bring situation
  • 1 Load of 10 Lithium Batteries (8000-0807-01)

Measurements of the (2) variations that consist of the Steel Wall surface Cupboard with an Alarm system for AED Plus are 17.4 in W x 17.4 in H x 8.9 in Decoration or 44.4 centimeters W x 44.4 centimeters H x 22.7 centimeters Decoration.

ZOLL AED Professional Defibrillator Semi Automated

Zoll AED Plus
Zoll AED Plus


The AED Professional offers progressed abilities for BLS and ALS individuals with ingenious Actual CPR Assistance innovation for price and deepness of breast compressions. The See-Thru CPR ability filterings system CPR breast compressions, showing the hidden heart rhythm. The AED Professional is unrivaled in its ruggedness and resilience and is suitable for any type of atmosphere. Consists of a Backlit LCD display, softly bring situation, tough over-molded external real estate, multi-patient interior memory, IrDA port, driver direct, 5-year manufacturing facility guarantee, restricted lifetime external real estate guarantee.


The AED Professional consists of the Soft Bring situation, and you could select in between the Stat Padz II electrodes or the CPR-D Padz electrodes. The non Rechargeable battery is basic, however could select the Rechargeable battery. Please get in touch with us for extra choices to satisfy your requirements.

Various Languages Offered.
Various other setups offered.

ZOLL AED Plus 3 Completely or Semi-Automated Outside Defibrillator (Various Versions)Variations:

  1. ZOLL AED 3 Fundamental Completely Automated
  3. AED 3 Fundamental Consists of CPR - Uni Padz and non-rechargeable battery.
  4. AED 3 BLS Consists of CPR - Uni Padz, rechargeable battery, solid bring situation, and a year-lengthy Plus Track Software application Permit. This variation is FDA authorized.

  • Real CPR Assistance that could see your breast compressions throughout CPR to allow you to understand when you are doing top-quality CPR.
  • Shock shipment 8 secs after quitting CPR for a much more efficient stun.
  • Constant metronome at a price of at the very least 100 compressions each min to adhere to the newest Standards.
  • Universal CPR Uni-pad for push-button choice of Kid save utilizing the Kid switch on the front of the AED 3.
  • Scissors connected to CPR Uni-pad for simple elimination of clothes.
  • Dual positioning (upright or level) for the very best exposure in a save.
  • On-screen CPR cycle countdown timer to allow you to understand the time staying in this cycle.
  • High-resolution full-color visuals pictures and messages go along with all sound triggers for simple comprehending of what to do following.
  • Rescue device load including non-latex handwear covers, obstacle mask, razor, paper towel, and towelette.
  • On-screen show of elapsed save time and variety of shocks provided for crucial info that EMS workers will have to understand on arrival.

*This item isn't offered available up available in the Unified Specifies or Canada. Just the variation BLS is authorized by FDA.

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